Welcome to Glacial Hills Wine Trail.   The member wineries of Glacial Hills Wine Trail are like minded wine enthusiasts who strive to not only bring you great wines from the State of Kansas, we also  desire to provide you with a memorable experience and a desire to drink local.  Glacial Hills Wine Trail members wineries also desire to educate the public about the technical and artisanal nature of wine making, from the ground to the glass.  We are excited about this opportunity not only to build our local base of patrons but to share with the public our passion to support each other.  We are excited about this opportunity to showcase our products as we celebrate the offical inauguration of the Glacial Hills Wine Trail on May 23rd.  When you visit the wineries, you will receive a card which you will get stamped.  After all wineries have been visited, and your card is stamped by each winery, a gift waits  you.  So don't hesitate, visit each winery, see the  countryside, and taste the great wines of Kansas. 

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